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Sausage products

Dachsberger offers a big assortment of sausages and other meat products. The constantly high quality is guaranteed, among others, by the strict regulations concerning the composition that are defined in the Austrian Food Code. 


Produced from skeletal musclemeat and bacon with addition of salt, herbs and certain additives, the sausage mass is filled into guts, artificial sausage containers or other forms and then, depending on the kind of sausage, is smoked, heated, dried and ripened.


Furthermore, pickled products, ham or salted and smoked meat are produced as well – meat pieces such as ham parts, shoulder and the loin of the pig are used for this purpose. 


Scalded, fried, cooked or raw sausages as well as ham and salted and smoked meat can be found at Dachsberger as well.